Before Surgery: A 25 year old was unhappy with her large, thick labia minora.

After Surgery: Just 4 weeks after labia minora reduction, she is very pleased with her new appearance.

Before Surgery: Petite 24 year old embarrased by very large, thick labia minora. She wanted her labia to be as small as possible.

After Surgery: She was very pleased with her new look one month after labia minora reduction.

Before Surgery: 29 year old with long, hanging labia minora that visibly bulged in swim wear, etc. She wanted them reduced, but did not want small labia.

After Surgery: 2 months after conservative labia minora reduction, with preservation of labia edge pigmentation.

Before Surgery: A 51 year old patient with long history of irritation of her labia minora during exercise and sex.

After Surgery: 1 year after labia minora reduction, she no longer experiences any discomfort, and is very happy with her "new appearance".

Before Surgery: A 28 year old with a very large, hanging left inner lip. She was embarrassed by the marked difference in the size of her labia minora.

After Surgery: 5 months after unilateral (left) labia minora reduction her scars are virtually invisible.

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