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Our procedures are designed to address the cosmetic concerns involving the four major areas that comprise a woman's external genitals:

1. Labia Minora: The inner lips can be made smaller, irregular shape or contour improved, and differences in size of the two lips corrected. Our techniques preserve natural pigmentation of the labia edges, with virtually no visible scarring.
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2. Clitoral Hood: Excess skin and extra folds can be removed to contour the Clitoral Hood achieving a more normal appearance, with virtually no visible scars.
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3. Labia Majora: The outer lips can be made less puffy by liposuction or surgical excision. Drooping or sagging is corrected by skin removal, or plumped by fat injection.
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4. Mons Pubis: The Mons Pubis often sags with age or weight gain. It can be elevated and reduced in height and width. The resulting scars are usually hidden within the pubic hair. A bulging, prominent mons can be made flatter using liposuction.
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